Her Own Justice

Chris Betnner keeps reasonably calm and cooperates correctly with the police after his doted kid son Gus goes missing while teen brat daughter Scarlett was babysitting. Mother Nora however goes near-hysterical, blindly following Scarletts unsubstantiated blaming of the socially-misfit Durand neighbors, widow Iris being a brutish slob and her teen son Seth, Scarletts flirtatious Goth classmate, having cyber-stalked her, actually just being a regular peeping tom. Detective in charge Coyle enjoys arresting Seth for questioning, his ex)con late brothers death having compromised his police career, but must let him go and restrain Noras illegal intrusion. After Scarlett receives a photo of gagged Gus, Nora drags her along in a daredevil scheme: abducting Seth to a dead mans home shes in charge of as real estate agent, and torture the knave who denies any knowledge of Guss fate. Chris only finds out when things go even more wrong and more dark secrets lead to the violent finale.

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Duration: 88 min Min

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