Holiday Hearts

Peyton Canaday, the accountant at her parents Birch Creek business, the Canaday Inn, and physician Dr. Ben Tyler, having known each other since childhood, were once good friends, that is up until ten years ago when she professed her romantic feelings for him with he responding by leaving town the next day for good. Since Ben returned to Birch Creek a year ago to work at the Birch Creek Community Hospital under the Chief-of-Staff, his divorced father Dr. David Tyler, he and Peyton have conveniently avoided each other. But with one week to go before Christmas, they are forced back together when their mutual friend, widowed Ford Sherman, unexpectedly winds up in the hospital for a few days and needs someone to look after his adolescent daughter, Lily Sherman. With the care to Lily not only the necessities of life, which Ben could handle on his own, but also to maintain some stability in her life by embarking on what were Lilys mothers holiday traditions, Ben requests Peytons help in …

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Duration: 120 min Min

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