Inside Scarlett

Scarlett, a neglected agoraphobic girl who has lived alone since she was a child, suddenly finds herself pregnant and she has no recollection of how this happened, which tailspins her into a complete mental breakdown. One of her stuffed animal toys, Chicken, starts talking to her and she becomes convinced that the toy is the father of her child. As Scarletts hallucinations grow to an apocalyptic intensity, a series of intense conversations with a Clinical Psychologist from within an incarceration facility, eventually allow Scarlett to remember what happened to her in real life and to face the traumatic consequences. A unique Independent psychological thriller with dark comedy, cult, and art-house sensibilities, the story of whats Inside Scarlett is a non-linear puzzle of suspense, and will have you guessing whats real and what isnt, until its climatic and dramatic conclusion.

Rate:Not Rated
Duration: 89 min Min