ALEXANDER MAIER (53) is a financial director as any business would wish: He is dutiful, smart, quick and perfectionist to self-abandonment. Years ago, he lost touch with his inner ego and his marriage to JEANNE FOURQUET-MAIER (44) was just a logical consequence of his strict work ethic. Which does not mean that he does not suffer from the separation: Alexander makes every effort not to lose contact with his son TH√ČO (16), and has not given up the hope that Jeanne would return to him if he only his changed his priorities. But then HANS-WERNER BROCKMANN (59) burst into Alexanders life. The hard-boiled German top manager is hired as a turnaround manager to the Zurich based Walser Group, where he dismisses the entire management in his first official act. All, except for Alexander. The tough Brockmann is found of the introverted and wise financial chief. Soon, Brockmann manages to win Alexanders trust and the two forge an exciting plan on how to maneuver the sleepy automotive supplier …

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Duration: 91 min Min