Raising Buchanan

In suburban Phoenix, 40-year-old Ruth Kiesling is not exactly “living the dream.” Shes a donut shop employee with anger issues. Shes got no mother, a dead brother, and a father in hospice. Her few friends include her roommates: Meg, her game-for-anything confidante since junior high; Holly, a somewhat level-headed janitor and amateur ventriloquist; and her probation officer, Philip Crosby. Ruths only creative outlet is playing her cello in the background of a series of popular YouTube s featuring Errol, an egotistical ventriloquist. Errol lords over a community of loyal ventriloquists who proudly (and literally) wear their allegiance to their “art”; their dummies are strapped across their torsos like badass bandoleros. Ever the opportunist and desperate for money, Ruth finds herself in a position to “steal” the body of President James Buchanan. She does so, hoping to ransom him for a nice windfall — but shes surprised to discover that no one seems particularly interested in …

Duration: 96 min Min