Rapture in Blue

While searching for a private place all to themselves, an angsty young man, Jason (Bryce Lederer), and his naively devout girlfriend, Valerie (Sarah Greenfield), stumble across the devilish new boy, Sebastian (Tanner Garmon), who they discover has just moved into Jasons childhood home. As the pressure rises to satisfy his girlfriends desires, so does the overwhelming feeling Jason is being watched. Do the intrusive photographs and omens of doom have something to do with the mysterious boy living in his old house, or could it be something even deeper than that — something thats been locked away for years, itching to be released? Through flickering neon and hazy noir shadows resides the ultimate truth. RAPTURE IN BLUE is red-hot and boiling over the top — a feverish, nonstop gothic nightmare.

Rate:Not Rated
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Duration: 49 min Min