Stressed to Kill

After suffering a violent heart attack, Bill is advised by his doctor to lower his blood pressure by eliminating the stresses from his life. Taking his doctors advice literally, Bill starts killing everyday people who irritate him with poisoned darts. The killings lower Bills blood pressure for a while but attract the attention of Detective Jordan, an enigmatic cop who plays a strange cat and mouse game with Bill as he tries to decide whether he should arrest him or join him in his campaign. As the cop begins to make Bills life a living hell, stresses closer to home ramp up his blood pressure, and Bill puts his best friend Stans ex-wife on his hit list. Convinced that their friendship wont last until Stans ex- is dead, the two men concoct a plan to get rid of her that will look like a heart attack. Although they get away with the murder, anomalies in the forensic report suggest that the ex- was poisoned. Suspecting a connection between the the “Dartman” and the poisoned woman, …

Duration: 103 min Min